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Privacy Policy

UMETANI MFG.Co.,Ltd receive from clients receive the product data, design blueprints, books, not to provide third party.
About the customer's name, address,the content of the application for the protection of personal information, UMETANI MFG.Co.,Ltd will follow the protecting policy stated below.

1.UMETANI MFG.Co.,Ltd, strictly observe personal information to the protection of the relevant laws and regulations to customers and employees of individual protection and management information as important responsibilities and obligations.

2.UMETANI MFG.Co.,Ltd, relating to the customer individual information, the purpose of the charge within the scope for processing.

・Specific of person in question of application etc.
・To deliver the material that is of the request, and to deliver a necessary invitation and the greeting card.
・In order to provide other services to the Company.
・E-mail based on telephone and other media related services, in order to sell recommendation survey and, for gifts, etc. to send.

3.UMETANI MFG.Co.,Ltd, in order to properly accept the customer's personal information, internal regulations and internal management system of preparedness, staff education And for the improper access to personal information and personal information loss, destruction, tampering and leakage prevention and the implementation of appropriate measures In addition, and in the implementation of practical management procedures under the premise of continuous improvement of personal information protection policy.

4.UMETANI MFG.Co.,Ltd, on the customer's personal information in order to achieve the purpose of use, there are also business partners at the commission entrusted to the situation.That case, the protection of personal information selected full enterprise implementation of protection of personal information entered into the contract, necessary and appropriate treatment.There, according to the law, etc., from the court of public authorities and other police agencies have a clear indication of the request in the case, the public authority can provide.

5.UMETANI MFG.Co.,Ltd,will comply with all applicable Japanese laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information.

ISO 9001